Big Cheese and Gov’t Inconsistency

First, read this article from the NY Times on how the government is conspicuously inconsistent with itself. Specifically, the Dept. of Agriculture (DoA) both warns the American public against eating too much cheese, while, at the same time, has been pushing a significant increase in the consumption of cheese.

Once that inconsistency is firmly in mind, do some thinking about how that situation comes to bear on this one. Dairy Management clearly has some vested interests in big cheese… anyone disagree? What (if any) are the connections between the DoA’s inconsistency and the FDA’s war on small, artisan cheese farmers? I’m no conspiracy boob, nor do I think that I’ve discovered anything in particular. Further, I’m not making any accusations. What I think is that this DoA inconsistency seems very interesting with the FDA’s war on small farms.

Anyone have any information that I don’t? Any thoughts on this?


3 responses to “Big Cheese and Gov’t Inconsistency

  1. These short videos by Vandana Shiva are helpful in understanding what is occurring. Generations of the finest cheese makers in Europe are being driven out of business by the same false “food safety” laws which are being used against the Estrellas, as multinational Kraft Foods is booming.

    Food Laws – Forcing people to globalize

    State Imposed Violence

    Corporate Rule

    Reclaiming Economies

  2. The government is not being inconsistent. The FDA and USDA have been colluding for decades with corporations. For Monsanto, they are approving one genetically engineered product after another, none of which has ever been tested for human safety, environmental safety, or any other safety.

    [Obama put a Monsanto lawyer and VP in charge of the “food safety” division of the FDA and so one might reasonably say that Monsanto is responsible for the attack and injustice visited on EFC, and on other farmers and food coops. The same FDA that will not let EFC reopen, has not closed down a single corporate facility even for an hour, despite illnesses and even deaths from serious contamination.]

    The FDA is approving untested genetically engineered food products which rely on pesticides known to cause birth defects and cancers, while using “food safety” to assault farmers and businesses whose food is of the highest quality, is normal (non-GMO), is clean (no pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, slaughterhouse waste, etc.), is highly and increasingly desired by customers, and is safe by all rational standards.

    The FDA and USDA are working on behalf of agribusiness, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the international bankers, the chemical industry, etc. to get rid of small farmers. There is a drive on internationally to do so and to take them land for industrial uses.

    In the EU, they are explicit about their intent to get rid of farmers.

    The same is true in Mexico.

    The same is true in India.

    And the US plan was designed years ago.
    U.S. House of Representatives. “The Young Executives Plan to Liquidate Farmers: Product of an Official Committee Chaired by the Under Secretary of Agriculture.”Congressional Record. June 21, 1972, p. H5907.

    History, HACCP and the Food Safety Con Job

  3. “The government is not being inconsistent.”

    This is why they will win. The assumption that if we just get the right people in government all will be well is fallacious. Government has no role in regulating food supply. It is by the very act of regulation that they put a halo on violence.

    I will make those videos above required viewing in my classes. Before the good woman revealed her politics in the films above, I could see she was a marxist, since she had her facts straight. We miss much when we do not listen to Marxist history. In her third talk she calls for democracy and conflates free markets and fascism. This is an unfortunate non-sequitor that puts people off. Hitler and Mussolini changes regulations, but they did not eliminate them. In fact national socialism is heightened regulation, exactly what USA is under right now.

    What will save Estrella is free markets, not “the right people in power.”

    Also, the “right people in power” launches everyone off on a quixotic journey. What we need to recognize is Estrella is targeted by one person, abusing his power, in order to gain promotion as the crackdowns widen. If he is successful, he will be promoted.

    The tactic being used to defend Estrella is expected. Estrella can win if they adopt another tactic. Do not fight the FDA, everyone loves the FDA, however unrequited. End out who the rogue FDA agent is, the bounder, and argue against his actions.

    Next, fire your lawyer, and demand the US Attorney take this to trial. Demand a jury. And defend yourself, pro se. Sadly, the fact of the matter is lawyers are government workers too, and there is no such thing as a lawyer who will really defend anyone against the state.

    The system depends on your faith in them, everyone’s tendency toward Stockholm Syndrome, and the fact that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Your body will give up the fight before you spirit is ready. In short, you’ll get sick, and they win. They know this.

    So, fight the good fight. Take on a merry attitude, take this directly to the US Attorney, and demand to be prosecuted or left alone. Cast the fight as you against a rogue FDA agent. Nonviolent resistence, it is our only hope for good cheese.

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