Policy on Comments

We have had some issues with comment “trolls” at this blog recently, so we thought it prudent to set up our policy on comments and make everyone aware of our aims in doing so.

This blog is run by friends of the Estrella Family Creamery. We believe in the Estrella family and in EFC’s products. In short, we’re favorable toward the Estrellas. Our love for the Estrella family and EFC products does not, however, make us narrow or unwilling to discuss issues with folks who are not favorable to the EFC. We’ve found that open discussion is both positive and generates good ideas. Thus, we welcome opposition in the comments, but there are some caveats. These caveats are in keeping with the purpose of this blog, i.e., to help the EFC. First, attack comments will not be published. Second, persistent negativity will be banned. Third, impolite commenters will be warned, and, if the problem persists, will be banned. Fourth, soap boxes are discouraged – we don’t want people harping on the same things. We want fresh and civil discussion that progresses toward resolution and edification.

Our aim on this blog is to assist the Estrella family and the EFC through this most difficult time and to present a point of view favorable to the EFC to the reading public. We want the EFC back making excellent, healthy chesses (as it has for years) and we hope to help raise funds to that end.


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