A Glorious History

Our friend, Kimberly, over at Hartke is Online, has put together a wonderful history of the Estrella Family Creamery. It’s well worth getting to know the Estrella family and their extraordinary enterprise. Please give Kimberly’s article a read. You’ll be inspired for sure!

On a personal note, I (Tim) live in Olympia and have been personal friends with the Estrella family since about 2003. In the past 7 or 8 years, I have had some very close and personal interactions with the Estrellas. I can safely say I’ve loved sharing in their family life – both through the good times and the hard times. These are the hardest of times, but the Estrellas are a family of great faith; they are fighters and over-comers. To know them and their story will inspire you.

Please be generous in your donations to the family, as financial support at this time is crucial. Also, please make sure people know what’s going on – spread the word!


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