Seattle PI Article

We love Shonagh Home. She actually made the trek out to Montesano to meet with the Estrellas and check out the Estrella Family Creamery. Thankfully, she wrote all about the experience. The loved the cleanliness of the facility, but she doesn’t have the axe to grind that the FDA does.

John F. Sheehan

In the words of John F. Sheehan, director of plant and dairy food safety has been quoted as saying, “Raw milk should not be consumed at anytime, by anyone, for any reason.” Also, he likens consuming raw-milk products with pointing a loaded gun at your own head and hoping the chamber’s empty while pulling the trigger. Sheehan’s exactly the kind of guy we need looking out for our health! His words are like intellectual E. coli.


Since the FDA has set their sights on the raw-milk industry, what can we do to preserve it? Home says that it’s about banding together and supporting our community farms:

Community is key. Community creates education and awareness, and community can move mountains. Here in the Seattle area, there are efforts now to create community support for the Estrellas who are on the verge of losing their farm entirely.

Please help us support the Estrellas. Be a part of the community upholding the Estrella Family Creamery. Be generous.


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