We Love the Estrellas!

Here’s part of the reason why:


4 responses to “We Love the Estrellas!

  1. I am spreading this news as far and wide as possible. This is a wonderful video, and really gave me a sense of the Estrella family, their closeness, their dedication.

  2. we have worked with this famlie in the past before they moved kelly was trying to set up a dariy in perice co and they made it so hard on them they went looking went broke trying to set this new farm up i reamber being thare when they 1st got it running from what i just wachted this famlie has went after a dream and found it we were happy for them but then FDA came in and ripped the rug out from under them after wachting the ytube i can tell its braken thare harts this has happen i have sat down and have had dinner with them very nice famlie and have stuck to thare dream and made somehting out of a run down place from whati see they have gone a long ways from the beginning we both hope the best for this famlie reamber thares a reason for everything we jsut dont know why hope this famlie can make a diffrance and keep makeing thare cheeeses PEACE ON EARTH BJ.CJ

  3. I pray that you will solve all this if this is what is God’s will, and it seems it is.
    Don’t lose hope, I He can raise the dead, put all that is in the heavens and on earth in place, He can also be here to make HIs presence felt.
    I am looking forward to eat your cheeses.
    May the Good Lord bless you, your family, and your farm.

  4. God bless y’all; you certainly appear to be a family of great Americans… Your story has touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I’m only 29 yrs. old, and it seems that the older I get, the more I learn and the more disappointed and incited I become with our governmental agencies and their corruption and greed.

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