Local Rules RULE!


Self-Government is Patriotic!

Dear friends,


There are some interesting developments regarding local citizens banding together to exercise (HOLD YOUR BREATH) self-government with regard to small farms and food processing. Get a gander at those wonderful crazies over in Sedgwick, Maine!

Turns out that something similar might be happening in Montesano, Washington. Let’s hope so! Here’s a blurb from The Vidette.

Monte may oppose feds
MONTESANO — The Montesano City Council is considering resolutions to support the Estrella Family Creamery in its fight against federal food inspectors who shut down the Wynooche Valley makers of artisan, raw milk cheeses.

“If I were the king in Montesano, I’d pass them both,” Mayor Ron Schillinger said of a pair of proposed resolutions. “It just depends on how feisty the council wants to get.”

Federal agents raided the farm Oct. 21 and posted a seizure notice banning the sale or distribution of more than $100,000 worth of hard cheese aging in manmade cheese caves on the farm. The order effectively shut down the award-winning operation.

Hubba hubba to the city of Montesano! Let’s hope and pray the Council supports our beloved Montesano cheese-makers. Also, please don’t forget to donate generously directly to the Estrella family.


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