Rawesome Raid

Aside from the video above, here’s a Huffington Post article on the FDA raid (via the LAPD) of Rawesome in Venice, CA. There were about 20 people (some of them armed) involved in raiding of Rawesome today, August 3rd, 2011. This is the second raid on Rawesome. The video above is, I admit, pretty irritating. I think it’s worthless to browbeat the enforcement officers. In any event, one of the comments below the video is quite telling:

I have a neighbor who is selling illegal drugs out of his house. I have reported it to the police multiple times and they do nothing. Maybe if I tell the police he is selling raw milk out of his house they will actually come out and do something!!

Can’t keep people, drugs, or weapons from coming across the border, but somehow our government finds the time and inclination to bust private raw milk joints like Rawesome. This is all very sad. Please repost this and put it up everywhere. We need to continue making noise about it. Thanks!


4 responses to “Rawesome Raid

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  2. Fresh milk…so dangerous! Should be eradicated from the face of the earth! Seriously, this is a ridiculous use of government funds.

  3. It’s more than ridiculous it’s traitorous and criminal. And the FDA should be treated as such.

  4. See what Eric Asimov (sp?) of NY Times said on Twitter: Police raid raw food co-op in LA. http://t.co/KR2RGpi Meanwhile, no raid at Cargill, linked to salmonella poisoning. http://t.co/Wv70YP6

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