Awards & Testimonials

Awards given the hand-crafted artisan cheeses produced by the Estrella Family Creamery:

  • In the 2010, the American Cheese Society Convention and Competition in Seattle awarded Estrella Family Creamery three ribbons: two blues and one red. See the post on this from Ballard Farmers Market.
  • For a fulsome list of the awards (from 2006 to the present) given to the Estrella cheeses, see here.

Personal testimonials to the excellence of Estrella cheeses:

  • “Estrella cheeses are fantastic! They are the most pleasing cheeses I’ve ever tasted.” -Tonya Kalich
  • “I never knew cheese could be so wonderful.” -Tyne Cody

One response to “Awards & Testimonials

  1. What can I do? I send you my very best wishes for the near future.
    A bit of wishdom? hear the video:

    Don’t fight but be smart: I had a similair experience…twenty years ago but I remember it as was it yesterday.
    Be my guest…when you are in Holland.
    Fons van den Hout, Tilburg, The Netherlands. (translation in english)
    If I could help you??? mail me!
    Fight for BEST CHEESES, help the small farmers (and their daughters) to stay on the farm and…Beware the landscape!

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