More FDA Heavy Handedness

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FDA Seeks Permanent Injunction Against Amish Farmer Dan Algyer – see here for original post.

On Tuesday, April 26, the FDA revisited Pennsylvania Amish farmer Dan Algyer, serving notice that they have “filed a complaint for permanent injunction against [him], for distributing unpasteurized (or “raw”) milk for human consumption in interstate commerce,” according to the FDA press release.

What Dan Algyer does is as much a right as breathing. He has done nothing unlawful in conducting direct private trade with other individuals. He is not engaged in interstate commerce as the FDA accuses. Aside from the Constitutional guarantees of right to contract, food sovereignty, of which Dan’s trade is a perfect example, is a God-given inalienable right. No state has the right to proscribe the food choice of an individual. It might have the power through enforcement agents to hinder it, but it does not have the right. Continue reading


Sheriff Richard Mack

Shaking hands with Charlton Heston

You are INVITED! Wednesday, April 20, at 7 PM in Lynnwood, WA

It’s America, the “Land of the Free”, 2011. America where all are promised the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. America where the FDA now claims citizens of the United States do not have the right to consume any food they wish…?

A number of communities around the country are passing resolutions declaring their food sovereignty. Many are concerned that Big Brother seems to be listening more to the voice of Big Business than the consumer. Many are asking,what are the rights of a sustainable community? What can communities do when common sense disappears?
Are you an American who embraces the values of our founding fathers? Come and learn more about our constitution and what needs to be done to reclaim our rights. Sheriff Richard Mack is a powerful and experienced speaker, and a strong advocate of states’ rights and individual freedoms. Learn how your local sheriff has more authority than the President of the United States.
Sheriff Mack has been a tireless crusader for the Bill of Rights, and is a much sought after national speaker who has worked hard for the rights of Americans everywhere.
In Lynnwood, at Providence Christian Classical School, 21500 Cypress Way, 98036. In Montesano at the Oddfellows Hall, 120 W. Marcy Ave. For more info or to RSVP email or call 360.470.1949
Suggested Donation $15.00 person

Pasteurized Breast Milk

Now, I don’t care who you are, the Hot Mama’s funny!

Local Rules RULE!


Self-Government is Patriotic!

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There are some interesting developments regarding local citizens banding together to exercise (HOLD YOUR BREATH) self-government with regard to small farms and food processing. Get a gander at those wonderful crazies over in Sedgwick, Maine!

Turns out that something similar might be happening in Montesano, Washington. Let’s hope so! Here’s a blurb from The Vidette.

Monte may oppose feds
MONTESANO — The Montesano City Council is considering resolutions to support the Estrella Family Creamery in its fight against federal food inspectors who shut down the Wynooche Valley makers of artisan, raw milk cheeses.

“If I were the king in Montesano, I’d pass them both,” Mayor Ron Schillinger said of a pair of proposed resolutions. “It just depends on how feisty the council wants to get.”

Federal agents raided the farm Oct. 21 and posted a seizure notice banning the sale or distribution of more than $100,000 worth of hard cheese aging in manmade cheese caves on the farm. The order effectively shut down the award-winning operation.

Hubba hubba to the city of Montesano! Let’s hope and pray the Council supports our beloved Montesano cheese-makers. Also, please don’t forget to donate generously directly to the Estrella family.

We Love the Estrellas!

Here’s part of the reason why:

A Norwegian Contribution?

Norwegian solution to superbugs? Have a look-see.


… Norwegians stopped taking so many drugs.

Twenty-five years ago, Norwegians were also losing their lives to this bacteria. But Norway’s public health system fought back with an aggressive program that made it the most infection-free country in the world. A key part of that program was cutting back severely on the use of antibiotics.

Now a spate of new studies from around the world prove that Norway’s model can be replicated with extraordinary success, and public health experts are saying these deaths †19,000 in the U.S. each year alone, more than from AIDS â are unnecessary.

“It’s a very sad situation that in some places so many are dying from this, because we have shown here in Norway that Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can be controlled, and with not too much effort,” said Jan Hendrik-Binder, Oslo’s MRSA medical adviser. “But you have to take it seriously, you have to give it attention, and you must not give up….”

The World Health Organization says antibiotic resistance is one of the leading public health threats on the planet.


Seattle PI Article

We love Shonagh Home. She actually made the trek out to Montesano to meet with the Estrellas and check out the Estrella Family Creamery. Thankfully, she wrote all about the experience. The loved the cleanliness of the facility, but she doesn’t have the axe to grind that the FDA does.

John F. Sheehan

In the words of John F. Sheehan, director of plant and dairy food safety has been quoted as saying, “Raw milk should not be consumed at anytime, by anyone, for any reason.” Also, he likens consuming raw-milk products with pointing a loaded gun at your own head and hoping the chamber’s empty while pulling the trigger. Sheehan’s exactly the kind of guy we need looking out for our health! His words are like intellectual E. coli.


Since the FDA has set their sights on the raw-milk industry, what can we do to preserve it? Home says that it’s about banding together and supporting our community farms:

Community is key. Community creates education and awareness, and community can move mountains. Here in the Seattle area, there are efforts now to create community support for the Estrellas who are on the verge of losing their farm entirely.

Please help us support the Estrellas. Be a part of the community upholding the Estrella Family Creamery. Be generous.