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Evidently it’s not enough for the FDA merely to oppose raw milk and raw milk products. They’re waging war against raw milk, and what would war be without espionage and other sordid tactics? Here’s an interesting (and unhappy) article about some of these underhanded tactics. Here are a few of them:

  • Confiscate customer lists of raw milk dairy farmers
  • Undercover information gathering
  • Entrapment schemes
  • Various forms of intimidation

These, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg. The FDA looks more like Comrade Vladimir Lenin’s secret police than a law enforcement agency of these United States of America… the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Rawesome Raid

Aside from the video above, here’s a Huffington Post article on the FDA raid (via the LAPD) of Rawesome in Venice, CA. There were about 20 people (some of them armed) involved in raiding of Rawesome today, August 3rd, 2011. This is the second raid on Rawesome. The video above is, I admit, pretty irritating. I think it’s worthless to browbeat the enforcement officers. In any event, one of the comments below the video is quite telling:

I have a neighbor who is selling illegal drugs out of his house. I have reported it to the police multiple times and they do nothing. Maybe if I tell the police he is selling raw milk out of his house they will actually come out and do something!!

Can’t keep people, drugs, or weapons from coming across the border, but somehow our government finds the time and inclination to bust private raw milk joints like Rawesome. This is all very sad. Please repost this and put it up everywhere. We need to continue making noise about it. Thanks!

Getting to Know Your Pathogens

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As to pathogens, Kelli clued me in to this wonderful article that (*hold your breath*) actually attempts to educate people in regards to bacteria generally and foodborne pathogens in particular. I know, I know… it’s WAY more fun simply to scream “LISTERIA! LISTERIA!” at the top of one’s lungs and point guns at people. But, when the fun is over, some folks my ask, “Well… what, after all, is listeria?” If you’re one of those folks, you’ll really appreciate the article over at realmilk.com. Here’s a refreshing gulp to get you started:

Those who wish to ban all milk that is not pasteurized use the horrors (human listeriosis) of systemic disease caused by Listeria monocytogenes to support their cause. They consistently broadcast the high mortality rates from L. mono and focus on the susceptibility of pregnant women, fetuses, newborns and the elderly. However, Listeria monocytogenes has never been a significant public health risk from drinking fresh raw milk. Because of the long processing times and storage conditions, there have been rare outbreaks in which cheeses have been associated with listeriosis cases. This is a risk with cheeses prepared from both raw and pasteurized milk.

Banned and Controlled Foods in the US

Here is an interesting and attractive article on 15 banned foods in the United States of America. #1 on the list is good ol’ raw milk. Basically, I wanted to eat and/or drink everything on the list (except the horse). Enjoy and, as always, don’t forget to support the Estrellas generously.

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Opposition to Tyranny in Kentucky

Death in a Bottle

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A friend of mine on Facebook made me aware of this nice little article on Front Porch Republic. Give it a read. It’s informative and well-written. The author, Jerry Salyer, gives us yet another example of government tyranny in the area of food and drink. He also gives us an example of how citizens are working around that tyranny.

Please go read his article. In the meantime, I’ll go out strong with one of Salyer’s tastier morsels:

As for Louisville’s MiniWel [the Whole Life Buying Club] in particular, as of this writing its representatives have conceded that the quarantine has no legal basis – yet evidently regard miscreant raw milk drinkers as undeserving of an apology. It seems hunting the White Whale is so important that there is no time to express the slightest hint of embarrassment (much less remorse) at having been caught out-of-bounds: OK, OK, so we overstepped our authority – so what? We’re still right and we know it, and what you need, comrade, is a tall, cool, frothy glass of USDA-approved shut-the-hell-up.