Shiny New Tyranny

Well, some of the first changes from the Food Safety Modernization Act are coming. First one “allows the FDA to administratively detain food the agency believes has been produced under insanitary or unsafe conditions.” Overlooking the split infinitive, this means that, while the FDA used to have to produce credible evidence that the food was contaminated, now is just has to suspect. Very modern. Very safe. AWESOME! Second one requires food importers to tell the FDA is any other country has refused to admit their product. This seems new change seems quite sane. Since the FDA is mowing down small local farms (specially raw-milk ones), we’ll be importing more and more goodness from Mexico (and other tasty places!) – which has certainly been the trend.

Here is the FDA’s press announcement. Here is some commentary on the same.

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One response to “Shiny New Tyranny

  1. well, either way, blessed are the cheese makers!

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