Opposition to Tyranny in Kentucky

Death in a Bottle

As always, please support our local family that the FDA’s shut down. The Estrellas still need a great deal of financial support. Please be generous.

A friend of mine on Facebook made me aware of this nice little article on Front Porch Republic. Give it a read. It’s informative and well-written. The author, Jerry Salyer, gives us yet another example of government tyranny in the area of food and drink. He also gives us an example of how citizens are working around that tyranny.

Please go read his article. In the meantime, I’ll go out strong with one of Salyer’s tastier morsels:

As for Louisville’s MiniWel [the Whole Life Buying Club] in particular, as of this writing its representatives have conceded that the quarantine has no legal basis – yet evidently regard miscreant raw milk drinkers as undeserving of an apology. It seems hunting the White Whale is so important that there is no time to express the slightest hint of embarrassment (much less remorse) at having been caught out-of-bounds: OK, OK, so we overstepped our authority – so what? We’re still right and we know it, and what you need, comrade, is a tall, cool, frothy glass of USDA-approved shut-the-hell-up.


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