This blog is set up to be a source of support to the Estrella family and the Estrella Family Creamery.


3 responses to “About

  1. anthony cowell

    Dear Estrella Family,

    I am a trial lawyer from New Jersey, and I believe in what family farms like you are doing. I also believe that the FDA, which permits companies to sell bagged salads that kill people every year, is in the business of protecting agribusiness to the point of destroying family farms.

    I would like to speak with you about defending your case in court. I would charge you a discounted fee ($100.00 an hour) , and ask that you pay my expenses (we can discuss what they would be, but I assure you they are reasonable).

    If you currently have legal counsel, then I wish you all good things in the outcome of your fight. If not, I am admitted in all federal courts to practice law, and could step in within 30 days.

    Best regards.
    Anthony Cowell, Attorney at Law
    200 Pope Ave.
    Hamilton, NJ 08619
    phone: (609)838-7992

  2. Anthony, you are a dear person…God bless you…

  3. I would like to donate, but I cannot find your mailing address to send a check…I don’t want to sign up or log onto anything to pledge or donate, I want to send a check…Can you post your mailing address somewhere…I can’t find it…thank you!!!

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