Getting to Know Your Pathogens

First thing is that the Estrella family is still in need of prayer, friendship, and financial support. Please be generous in all three areas!

As to pathogens, Kelli clued me in to this wonderful article that (*hold your breath*) actually attempts to educate people in regards to bacteria generally and foodborne pathogens in particular. I know, I know… it’s WAY more fun simply to scream “LISTERIA! LISTERIA!” at the top of one’s lungs and point guns at people. But, when the fun is over, some folks my ask, “Well… what, after all, is listeria?” If you’re one of those folks, you’ll really appreciate the article over at Here’s a refreshing gulp to get you started:

Those who wish to ban all milk that is not pasteurized use the horrors (human listeriosis) of systemic disease caused by Listeria monocytogenes to support their cause. They consistently broadcast the high mortality rates from L. mono and focus on the susceptibility of pregnant women, fetuses, newborns and the elderly. However, Listeria monocytogenes has never been a significant public health risk from drinking fresh raw milk. Because of the long processing times and storage conditions, there have been rare outbreaks in which cheeses have been associated with listeriosis cases. This is a risk with cheeses prepared from both raw and pasteurized milk.


2 responses to “Getting to Know Your Pathogens

  1. It’s very sad that the FDA came after you and your cheese after never having one report of anyone ever becoming sick after consuming it. Not one person has had L. mono from raw milk in the last 12 years although 9 million people are drinking it. Why are they not shutting down the commercial farms and processing plants where these outbreaks DO occur? So frustrating. Keep up the good fight. We are behing you!!

  2. Especially interesting in light of the new salmonella outbreak in the processed turkey meat that has sickened over 75 people all over the country and killed at least one. That’s a very sad situation, but it at least serves to show that the FDA is chasing its tail when it comes to raw milk and raw milk products.

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